Baron Ral of Ord

Last known surviving noble of the Kingdom of Lev; Sovereign of the Human Interior


Level 12 Lawful Human Fighter


STR 15

DEX 5 (special)

CON 14

INT 12

WIS 15

CHA 14


Ord was one of the last human fortresses built during the Kingdom of Lev's westward explorations.  The young warrior Baron Ral was appointed suzerain of the region, in recognition of his valor in the Second Orc War of the South.  Within a year of inhabiting his new domain, Ral was crippled by a dire boar.

Despite his paralyzed legs, Ral is a wise and well-liked ruler, and he retained his position.  Over the next decade, he brought the region of Ord from border wilderness to a fruitful and well defended bastion of human civilization, far from the kingdom's heart.

It was this distance that was Ord's saving grace.  When the Scalefolk war host emerged from the northern fens — and effectively destroyed Lev with the plague they brought with them — Ord was spared.  The Scalefolk could not penetrate the Middlewood (whose elven defenders were immune to the fen plague), leaving Ord as the sole known surviving human settlement on the mainland.

It is Baron Ral's mission to successfully discover what has become of the capital, and other coastal cities, and re-establish contact with the human home island of Kem.

Baron Ral of Ord

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